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Oak Pensions Limited (PFA) is set up for the business of Pension Fund Administration under the new Pension Reform Act 2004.


An Administrative fee of N100 is charged on every RSA monthly contribution received.

National Pension Commission
Whistle Blowing Guidelines
Guidelines for the operations of Traditional Pension Department

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RSA Fund Price:1.7205
Retiree Fund Price: 1.8299 as at 22/07/2014
Rate of Returns: 12.14%
Number of RSA Registered: 132,128

RSA Rate: 7.91%
Retiree Rate: 7.98%

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OAK PENSIONS would not ask for any form of gratification (cash or kind) directly/indirectly during, before or after processing withdrawal applications from Retirement Savings Account holders. Kindly report any request for gratification made in the cause of processing your retirement benefit to management on: 07002255625